Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What is Vaping??

E cigarettes are relatively simple machines and they are causing a revolution in the smoking industry. They aren't necessarily a method of quitting – a nicotine addiction can be maintained – but they can replace cigarettes and tobacco and the around 4,000 chemicals, including 70 cancer causers, in its smoke.

At the centre of the ecigarette (some companies call them personal vapourisers and the act of ‘smoking’ them vaping) and making it work is the atomizer.

The older type e-cigarettes are designed around three parts, the atomizer, the liquid reservoir or cartridge and the battery, which sits in between the first two. However the modern, next generation of e-cigs now combine the atomizer and the cartridge into a single unit called a cartomizer or clearomizer.

The atomizer, heats the liquid in the cartridge to produce the vapour, which the vaper then inhales.

The fluid is fed to the atomizer usually through capillary action or wicking. Capillary action is the physical process by which fluids can defy gravity and flow uphill when they are in close contact with another substance. It’s how our tears are produced and why damp travels up brick walls.

A wick in the cartridge brings the fluid to the atomizer through its fine metal bridge. You can usually see this part when you refill your ecigarette. This bridge keeps fluid flowing inside the atomiser – capillary action again – until it meets a heating element with a current running through it. The heat in the element, either when the machine is switched on or when the ‘smoker’ inhales and sets off an air pressure sensor, warms the liquid until it vaporises, producing the steam-like smoke that is so characteristic of ecigarettes.

Not all models of ecigarette use the same type of atomizer; they can be exposed or enclosed.

The difference is easy to spot when you refill your ecigarette, an exposed atomizer will show the full metal bridge and they are usually smaller.

An exposed atomizer will be larger. The bridge will still be visible, but only the edge of it, at the bottom of the enclosing tube.

Enclosed atomizers can be used for ‘dripping’. This is a different way of getting the vapour in which the efluid is dropped directly onto the bridge of the vaporiser before shutting up the ecigarette and vaping. Exposed atomizers can be used for dripping, and many e-liquid bottles now come with needle caps to make the refilling even easier.

The newest type of atomizer is the combined cartomiser. This clever device combines the atomizer and the fluid-containing cartridge into one disposable unit. If you buy a super sized cartomiser, you should get around 250-300 puffs of vapour.

The atomisers in ecigarettes do not last forever. They can burn out accidentally and the interaction of heat and liquid mean that, like an engine, deposits of waste material build up. Check on the wrapping of any atomizers or cartomisers you buy and you will probably find an expected lifespan, usually between two weeks and 60 weeks. Despite this fact, replacement atomizers are relatively cheap and easy to replace, with prices from only around £2.70 and upwards. You can also now buy atomizers with different levels of resistance, so you can tailor your desired smoking experience even further.

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