Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Ultimate E-Cigarette Buying Guide

Nowadays, public enjoyment of tobacco products is discouraged. The opportunity to smoke cigarettes, pipes or cigars made of tobacco in public is limited by local health regulations and popular protest that tobacco smoke is harmful to bystanders who choose not to smoke. However, there is an alternative to traditional smoking methods. Modern technology can deliver all the enjoyment and pleasure of traditional tobacco smoke without infringing on non-smokers’ rights and preferences to live in a smoke-free environment.

Below is a brief e-cig review which can help you learn more about this great alternative:

Why Should Someone Buy E-Cigs?
E-cigs are conveniently compact delivery devices that come equipped with replaceable electronic cigarette cartridges that contain all the natural volatile oils and nicotine e-liquid that traditional tobacco products do. The contents of the cartridge are delivered on a harmless stream of water vapor instead of a stream of particulate-laden smoke. E-cigs do not burn or produce smoke. Instead, a harmless amount of enhanced water vapor is inhaled by the e-cig user.

Because there is virtually no smoke, no one nearby is bothered - the water vapor dissipates as soon as it is exhaled. E-cigarettes are essentially odorless, though users fully enjoy the flavour they provide. Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigs come in more flavours than straight tobacco or mentholated tobacco. In addition to these, e-cig cartridges are available in more exotic flavours such as coffee, chocolate, or cherry. They can be enjoyed in public without comment because the flavours they provide do not contaminate the surrounding air.

What Should Someone Look For in E-Cigs?
E-cigs suit the budget of a cost-conscious smoker. For pennies a smoke, a single electric cigarette cartridge lasts longer than a pack of tobacco cigarettes. When choosing a make and model of electronic cigarette, consumers should look at the material and shape used to craft an e-cig. Some e-cigs have all their components self-contained. People thinking about making the transition to e-cigs may want to try out disposable models that are not designed to accept new cartridges. Once they experience the freedom and full-bodied flavour of e-cigs, they will probably want to purchase an e-cigarette that is designed to accept replacement cartridges, thus extending the useful lifespan of their e-cig delivery system.

Not all cartridges fit every model of e-cig. When choosing a brand and a model, consumers need to consider the variety of cartridges that will fit their e-cig. Enjoying e-cigs is not the same as smoking regular cigarettes; part of the pleasure of e-cigs is being able to sample a number of interesting flavours to suit a person’s mood. A fruit-flavoured e-cig may be nice accompaniment for a morning cup of coffee. A coffee-flavoured electronic cigarette may be the perfect way to enjoy a late night cocktail at an upscale bar. Being able to sample a wide variety of flavours is one of the benefits of this modern smokeless smoking method.

What are the Advantages of E-Cigs?
E-cigs are affordable alternatives to traditional cigarettes. They do not pollute the atmosphere. Non-smokers never find a reason to complain about people who enjoy e-cigs. They are essentially odourless. When anyone detects an odour, it is the pleasing top note of coffee, fruit, or caramel flavouring.

E-cigs have not been linked to incidence of cancer in people who use them. Because the flavours of e-cigs are enjoyed on harmless water vapor instead of particulate smoke, there is a decreased chance of diagnosis of obstructive pulmonary disease, asthmatic reactions, or respiratory tract cancer. Scientific studies are still being conducted, but the evidence points to e-cigs as a safer smoking alternative. While e-cigarettes give smokers their required nicotine fix, they do not produce the same toxic smoke that can cause lung disease and cancer when inhaled over time. Since there are no products of combustion to be inhaled, no tobacco toxins are inhaled besides nicotine. E-cigs have many advantages over traditional smoking also including the fact that you can smoke anywhere, as electric smoking is not affected by the smoking ban placed on traditional ‘tobacco’ smoking.

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