Thursday, August 8, 2013

E-Cigarettes - The Vapourised Alternative [Infograph]

Below is an amazing infographic that depicts the uses, benefits and advantages of e cigarettes over smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. It also looks into exactly how an e cigarette works and why more and more people now switch and buy ecigarettes as an alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes.

Infograph picture about E cigarettes by Best4Ecigs

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

An Electronic Cigarette Beginner

Have you just started using electronic cigarettes for the first time or are you contemplating buying one? Well, there is a lot to learn about e cigarettes. First of all, the decision to make the transition from tobacco smoking is very commendable. You also need to dedicate some time and try to learn a little more about the electronic cigarettes.
Electronic Cigarettes
You need to understand that there are a lot of options when it comes to e cigarettes. You need to be a very informed consumer if you want to get the best e cigarette for beginners. The electronic cigarettes come in different sizes, large and small. The amount of vapor they produce is not really determined by the size of the cigarette but rather its quality. They also come in different types of e-liquids and you have all sorts of flavours to choose from. With time, you will find a flavour that works for you and that you enjoy.

If you are a first time e cigarette smoker, it is important for you to have an electronic cigarette starter kit that is designed for beginners. Look for a good flavour and importantly a good strength of nicotine that you feel will satisfy your cravings. Do not just stick to the tobacco flavor. You can try other options like red bull and cherry.

When using e cigarettes, you need to be well prepared by making sure that your batteries are fully charged before you leave the house. Make sure you have an extra battery with you in your car or in the house. Always make sure you have with you enough cartridges or e-liquid so that you do not end up stranded and have to turn back to tobacco smoking.

With time, you will learn how to ‘smoke’ your e cigarette. You just need to get used to it. For a start, you will notice the difference in the weight of the e cigarette with that of the traditional cigarette. However, most e cigarettes are light and so this should not present you any trouble while using them, it’s just about getting accustomed to it. Inhale for longer and do it gently if you want a more satisfying vapor to form. Avoid those short and aggressive pulls that you used to make when smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

E Cigarette Smoking in Public Places

The use of e cigarettes in public places has been debated for a long time in UK. For a start, electronic cigarettes do not contain all of the harmful chemicals associated with smoking conventional cigarettes; such as Tar, Tobacco and Carbon Monoxide. The risks of second hand smoking are completely eliminated with the use of e cigarettes. Additionally, conventional cigarettes are known to be a nuisance when they are littered in public places and they can even start a fire. The same cannot be said of the e cigs which is why they can be used in public places.

E Cigarette Smoking in Public Places

E cigs are used by many people who are trying to minimise their level of smoking regular cigarettes. The theory is that some of the people who are insisting on a ban in the use of e cigarettes in public places simply fear losing a large share of their customers who use tobacco cigarettes. This is why you will notice that most people who are pushing for the ban in UK are parties which have interests in the production of tobacco cigarettes. These people are afraid that if the e cigs are allowed in public places, people will turn to them and forget about regular cigarettes.

For a start, if e cigarettes are used in public places, the general public will have a better environment. People will never have to be exposed to the harmful toxins which are emitted in smoke from tobacco cigarettes. Children as well as non-smoking adults will be able to spend their time in public places like restaurants and airports without incurring the nuisance of smoking. This is why the ban on e cigarettes in public places should not be supported.

In the UK, bans were introduced on smoking regular cigarettes in public places. However, electronic cigarettes can be used in public places (though it is at the discretion of the owner of the premises). This means that, the sale of electronic cigarettes in UK has considerably increased. However, you need to research more on the quality and safety of your e cigarettes before making a purchase.

Monday, July 15, 2013

What Are the Main Differences in Smoking a Traditional Cigarette and an E Cigarette?

Smoking the traditional cigarette is not one of the best decisions you can ever make. Many tobacco smokers have made a decision to quit their habit because of the dangerous effects of nicotine in your body. The process of quitting smoking is not easy because one has to deal with nicotine cravings which can lead to relapses. For many nicotine addicts, e cigarettes have been very beneficial in helping them deal with nicotine cravings without the dangers of traditional cigarettes. There are a number of differences between the electronic cigarettes and traditional tobacco cigarettes.
Smoking an E Cig
For a start, e cigarettes are basically smokeless. They do not emit any smoke like traditional cigarettes when puffed. On the contrary, electronic cigarettes emit vapour which doesn’t contain any toxic materials like tar and carcinogens which are present in smoke. This means that, e cigarettes are not only the better option for the person smoking but also environmentally friendly compared to the highly toxic fumes emitted by the tobacco cigarettes. The electronic cigarettes do not expose non-smokers to the risks of second hand smoking like the traditional cigarettes.

The two cigarettes also differ in the way they operate. E cigarettes work using a battery that must be recharged from time to time. The battery is connected to a cartridge which basically holds the e-liquid that produces vapour. The e cigarette will run when the liquid is ignited by the atomiser. On the other hand, the traditional cigarettes do not require a battery because they can be lit using a match. The match is used to light up the cigarette at the tip for one to start smoking.

In most countries, the use of tobacco cigarettes in public places is strictly prohibited. However, e cigarettes can be smoked in public places in many countries in the world. It becomes easier for the smokers to relieve their cravings whenever they feel like.

Additionally, you can say that the e cigarettes are so much cheaper compared to the traditional cigarettes. For a start, they can be refilled and used for a long time, with each cartridge of e-liquid being the equivalent of many traditional e-cigarettes. The only thing that one will have to change is the cartridge that holds the e-liquid. However, you cannot smoke the traditional cigarette more than once because the cigarette quickly burns up and turns into ash. People have realised that e cigarettes are three times cheaper than the traditional cigarettes which make the biggest difference between the two.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

What Are the Choices When it Comes to Purchasing an Electronic Cigarette?

If you have never smoked an e cigarette before, it is important that you choose the right type of device. There are different options of Best4ecigs-e cigarettes  available in the market today but you may have an unpleasant experience if you do not make the right decision. Cheap e cigarettes from unknown brands can be very disappointing. You will have trouble operating it and even more trouble when it comes to charging or replacing the cartomizer.

To avoid turning back to tobacco smoking due to the frustrations you experienced after using the wrong device, start looking for the right e cigarette. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of e cigarette models available today. You need to find one that is of high quality and delivers the best performance if you are to enjoy using it. There are certain must-have qualities that the device should have.E Cigarette Choices
For a start, you need to purchase an e cigarette that is reliable and simple to use. Traditional smoking is never an issue and you may want to look for a device that is more appealing to you by considering its simplicity. Most smokers who are trying to deal with their addiction are looking for something that mimics the traditional cigarette which explains the shape and look for most e cigarettes. Consider the simplicity of an automatic e cigarette because it is easier to use compared to the manual one, with added safety features of switching the battery on and off.

One of the most important decisions when choosing your E-cigarette is the strength and size of the battery. Batteries range from around 180mah up to a huge 18650mah (usually increasing in size the more powerful the battery). Size is important to many customers, preferring a battery that is not too much bigger than a regular cigarette. The most common batteries are the traditional looking 280mah battery, giving you around 3 hours use in between charges. Its also better if you can choose the kits with 2 battery poles, rather than one, then you always have one you can use whilst the other is on charge.

The strength of e-liquid on your cigarette is also important, as you can choose from Extra High 24mg (of nicotine) down to Zero 0mg. Most regular smokers start on High Strength (18mg), gradually decreasing the level of nicotine over time. The liquids also come in different flavors so you are at liberty to choose any that satisfies your cravings.

You can also get e cigarettes with batteries which have long lifetime warranties. Look for electronic cigarettes which are offered at 100% customer satisfaction and a money back guarantee in case they do not fulfill their intended purpose. Look for electronic cigarettes which can store power for a longer time before they require recharging. If you have never smoked electronic cigarettes before, look for a starter kit that has everything you need to get started on the right note.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What is in an Electronic Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is a device that contains a liquid which vapourises to form a mist when inhaled simulating the act of traditional smoking. Electronic cigarettes may or may not resemble the traditional cigarettes. They may have the same size and shape but they operate in totally different ways. Unlike the traditional cigarette which has to be lit by a match before one starts smoking, the e cigarettes can work automatically when one begins inhaling. The battery is activated and it starts vapourising the e-liquid to form the mist.

There are various components which make up the electronic cigarette. The first one is the cartridge which stores the e-liquid or e-juice and also acts as the mouthpiece. The cartridge can contain a plastic sponge or a refillable tank that keeps the liquid in place. When the solution is depleted, it can be replaced by refilling or replacing the cartridge.

The other component is the cartomizer which is basically the atomizer and the cartridge combined. The atomizer is the section of the e-cigarette that is responsible for heating up the liquid into vapor. It contains a small heating coil or a metal mesh with a silica wick that sucks the liquid from the cartridge. In the newer 2-piece electric cigarettes, each cartridge has its own heating element as well as the liquid. It can be replaced with a new one instead of refilling the cartridge every now and then. The e cigarettes also contain batteries which is usually the largest part of the cigarette. The automatic cigarette has a battery with an airflow sensor. Whenever the user is drawing breath through the device, it is triggered to activate the battery. However, the manual cigarette has a battery with a power switch which must always be held when the cigarette is in use. Batteries must be recharged using an AC outlet, car charger socket or even USB depending on the model of electronic cigarette you are using.

Finally, there is the liquid inside the electronic cigarette that produces the vapor. This liquid is usually made up of a solution of propylene glycol, glycerin as well as a percentage of nicotine concentrate. The liquids come in different flavours.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Dangers of Second Hand Smoke

Traditional cigarettes are smelly and smoky, two things that never hesitate to draw attention from those around them.  Lighting up around others can lead to irritated glances and uncomfortable feelings. People know the dangers of smoking, and the consequences of second hand smoke, so they can often be sceptical upon seeing a smoker. Because it is no secret that conventional cigarettes cause cancer and have many other serious consequences for your health, people that smoke them can be regarded as foolish and inconsiderate of those around them. However, by taking the initiative and choosing the healthier option, you no longer have to feel guilty about endangering yourself or those within the reach of your smoke.

Electronic cigarettes don't contain tobacco, which is a carcinogen found in regular cigarettes. Therefore, you can use them without harming yourself or those around you. The World Health Organisation states, "Second-hand smoke accounts for one in 10 tobacco-related deaths. Creating 100% smoke-free environments is the only way to protect people from the harmful effects of second-hand tobacco smoke" (ref: The website also advises, "Guidelines to Article 8 of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control state that there is 'no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke'" (Ref: This means that if anyone around you encounters any bit of the product of your cigarette, they are being harmed, even if they don't want to be.

Since you never know when you're going to encounter a smoker, and therefore possibly be exposed to second hand smoke, there's always the risk that your health could be in jeopardy at any moment. Those who don't smoke traditional cigarettes are making a conscious decision not to. This could be for many reasons, but the main reason is usually because it is so bad for you. Though cigarettes can be tempting and many people believe they relieve stress, those that don't smoke are choosing to be healthy. It's unfair that even though they make the choice, they can't always help coming into contact with harmful second hand smoke. This is why, if you do smoke, choosing to use electronic cigarettes is the best thing you can do for you and for others.

Electronic cigarettes do not omit the toxic chemicals regular cigarettes do, and are a healthier and considerate alternative to conventional cigarettes. Make the decision that is best for you, and for those around you and choose e-cigs.